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These stats should tell you something. Next May, strolling out of the hallowed halls of the institution you’ve called home since you left high school – and into the real world – is not going to be a walk in the park, whether you graduate and are looking for a job or are a junior looking for an internship. careerEither way, you’ve got a challenge. That challenge, though, is not so much dictated by those numbers, market trends, industry conditions, or anything out of your control, because whether the numbers are up or down, there’s still hiring for jobs and internships going on – just more or less, depending on the year. So the challenge, simply and bluntly, calls for you to meet it head on, early this year (juniors for internships and seniors for jobs). And that means starting right now, as you return to campus. What you do today – not later in the semester, but today – can have critical leverage in May. You’ve been excited about getting back to school, and now here you are, but there’s a harsh reality facing you – and it’s called May. Unless you’re planning a graduate degree immediately, come the end of the school year, you’ll need to have either a good internship (juniors) or a career-starting job (seniors) – positions that are commensurate with your degrees, not low-level, temp, or unpaid jobs, and not working for your parents’ family business because there’s nothing else you can find – but jobs you went to school to qualify for, jobs your parents dreamed about when they sacrificed and saved for 20 years. May is a lot closer than you think and, while the employment picture is much better than it was when you entered college, the job market for entry-level participants like you is still, as we saw above, a challenge.

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